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What are the requirements for precision gear processing?

The manufacturing accuracy of precision gear processing equipment directly affects the working performance, bearing capacity, noise and service life of machine tools. Therefore, according to the use requirements of gears, the accuracy requirements of gear transmission are put forward from four aspects.

1. Rationality of transmission backlash
It is required that there should be a certain backlash between the non working surfaces of the meshing gear teeth to facilitate the storage of lubricating oil, the compensation of elastic deformation and thermal deformation, and the manufacturing and installation errors of gears.

2. Load distribution uniformity
It is required that the tooth surface of the gear shall be in good contact, and a certain contact area and required contact position shall be guaranteed to ensure uniform load distribution. The tooth surface stress concentration will not cause premature wear of the tooth surface, thus reducing the service life.

3. Stability of transfer motion
In other words, the large angle error of the gear within a tooth angle is required to be within the specified range. The instantaneous transmission ratio of the gear pair changes little, which ensures the stability of transmission and reduces vibration, impact and noise.

4. Transfer motion accuracy
In other words, the angle error of gear rotation should not exceed a certain range. The change of gear pair transmission ratio is small, ensuring the accuracy of transmission movement.

The gear transmission device of a precision gear processing factory is a transmission mechanism composed of multiple gears. Based on the principle of gear engagement, the prime mover speed is converted into the required speed to obtain the corresponding torque. Gear transmission device is an important basic component of mechanical equipment, which plays an irreplaceable role in the field of general mechanical equipment.