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Analysis on the development trend of precision machining industry: towards higher precision

In recent years, the global mechanical manufacturing technology has developed rapidly, and the production efficiency and technical accuracy have been continuously improved. Among them, the improvement of production efficiency mainly comes from the application and improvement of automation, while the improvement of technical accuracy comes from the transformation from precision machining to ultra precision machining.

At present, precision machining is mainly used to produce complex parts and complete assemblies of finished products, including aviation, medical, automobile, consumer electronics and others. Thanks to the demand support of these downstream areas, the global precision machining market remained stable.

The eternal theme of precision machining technology is high efficiency and high precision. The precision index is constantly advancing in the direction of sub nano, nano and deep sub micron, and the machining precision is still continuously improving. At this stage, many precision machining technical indicators have been based on nanometers, and are still developing in the direction of breaking the boundaries of nanometers.

At present, in precision machining technology, the control method and control strategy of its process is one of the research hotspots. The efficiency and stability of machining are directly related to the intelligence of precision machining equipment. And it has long been a major goal in the manufacturing field to reduce the dependence of processing results on artificial experience by constantly introducing intelligent equipment. At the same time, the micro devices needed in the fields of photoelectric information and micro electronic machinery, as well as the large-scale optoelectronic devices and ultra precision processing equipment needed in the fields of aerospace and aviation, all have high requirements for their intelligence and automation.

Outsourcing will become more and more common, especially in the high-end market. OEM and first tier suppliers are constantly outsourcing precision machining to precision machining suppliers, so as to optimize management, save costs and avoid a large number of equipment and high-tech barriers. Under this trend, independent precision machining suppliers are expected to gain more market share.