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Precautions for installation of laser cutting chuck

What should be paid attention to when installing the laser cutting chuck? Next, Haiyu Electromechanical, a manufacturer of laser chuck, will explain it to you.

1. When installing, testing or maintaining the laser cutting chuck, close all power supplies to ensure the safety of operators.

2. Do not start the switch before closing to avoid flying out of the workpiece or claw.

3. During the use of the laser cutting chuck, the sliding surfaces and friction surfaces shall be lubricated and maintained. The lubrication and maintenance shall be carried out in strict accordance with the prompts of each refueling point. The oil tank of the triplet shall be refueled regularly and the oil dripping speed shall be controlled.

4. Before daily work, the operator should carefully check whether the fastening screws of the jaws are fastened and whether the air source pressure is normal. Please use clean and stable compressed air. The air pressure should be controlled within the range of 0.4~0.9 MPa. It is necessary to select a gas pipe with a pressure greater than 1.6 MPa to connect to the product. The gas pipe should be far away from heat sources and open flames, otherwise it will affect the use and bring hidden dangers to the production.

5. The chuck shall not be modified at will. Improper modification will damage the chuck and cause it unable to be used normally.

6. When the claw or roller of the laser cutting chuck needs to be adjusted, the nut seat shall be installed on the slider, and the bolts shall be used for fine adjustment until the requirements for use are met. After the adjustment is completed, the trial clamp shall be carried out, and the slider shall move freely before entering the working state.

7. Clean the moving parts 2-3 times a week, maintain the chuck every 60 days, check the wear of parts, and replace parts if necessary.

8. When the laser cutting chuck is not used for a long time, the workpiece cannot be clamped on it to prevent the chuck from deforming and affecting the accuracy.

9. When connecting the electrical control part, pay attention to the solenoid valve coil voltage and connect the power supply with appropriate voltage to avoid damaging the electrical device.

The above are the precautions for the installation of laser cutting chuck. Please read them carefully. If you need a laser chuck, please contact us at 13380269599 (WeChat).