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Analysis of gear deformation during gear machining

In the process of precision gear processing and production, it is difficult to predict the phenomenon of gear deformation, so how to solve the problem of gear deformation during gear processing?

In fact, the deformation of gears in the heat treatment process is very complex, which is a comprehensive reflection of various factors affecting the cold and hot processing process. For example, residual stress generated during machining, thermal stress and structural stress during heat treatment will have a certain impact on deformation. These factors exist mainly because there are many factors that affect them, including raw materials, workpiece structure and shape design, the entire process, technical requirements, processing methods, processing conditions, heat treatment processes (heating and cooling), tools, etc.

In the process of gear processing and production, it is sometimes difficult to take measures only from heat treatment to solve the problem of gear deformation. Various factors in the whole process of cold and hot processing shall be considered, specific conditions shall be analyzed, and corresponding measures shall be taken to eliminate or weaken the influence of these factors.